Asthmalytics – Insights and tips for living with asthma from Asthmalyticsa

Insights and tips for living with asthma from Asthmalytics

How Your Partner Helps Your Asthma

Asthma is a disease that reflects our social and emotional world as much as it does our bodies and physical surroundings. Emotions, stress, and social support can either serve as asthma triggers or reduce our asthma symptoms and their effect on our well-being. Since partners are the main source of social support for most people with chronic illnesses like

How to Afford Your Asthma Medication

“It’s $500 without insurance.” In the patient consultation area at the back of CVS, next to the travel size Tylenol and diabetic test strips, I was finding out what it feels like to have your miracle drug out of reach. Advair was the only thing keeping me out of the back of an ambulance and showing up to work