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How to Afford Your Asthma Medication

“It’s $500 without insurance.”

In the patient consultation area at the back of CVS, next to the travel size Tylenol and diabetic test strips, I was finding out what it feels like to have your miracle drug out of reach. Advair was the only thing keeping me out of the back of an ambulance and showing up to work regularly.

“It says your coverage was terminated on December 31st.” The pharmacy tech checked again, hoping somehow her computer would achieve mercy and let me have my drugs. Instead, I left with a printout folded up in my pocket, “coverage terminated” scrawled across the top. My Advair sat behind the pharmacy counter still in its white paper bag, waiting for a better day.

On my way out, I wondered if it was possible to get a credit card same-day. Could I just take more of my other meds? Maybe my asthma had actually gotten better now didn’t even need Advair anymore. I was desperate.

Not being able to afford your medication is terrifying, especially when you know that medication is what’s making it possible for you to breathe.

Here are some resources that can help make it possible to access potentially life-saving asthma medication, even for those with good insurance:

Manufacturer discounts for those with insurance that does not cover its full cost or those without insurance:

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